About - Precision Corporate Services, Inc.


Precision Corporate Services is a full service nationwide paralegal support firm. We opened our doors in 1994 and have since taken pride in providing both a personalized and professional level of service that many top law firms and organizations throughout the nation have come to rely upon. We continually strive to maintain a state of the art presence in the ever changing information and document exchange industry. We are a member of the National Public Records Research Association, facilitating provision of services throughout the United States and in many locations abroad. We are staffed with an excellent crew of experienced and knowledgeable professionals.

Customer service is our top priority. We believe in providing effective personalized service based on your particular needs. You can always reach us throughout the business day via phone and email. On the rare occasion that you are unable to directly contact a representative in our office, you can expect a call back almost immediately. Our clients avoid the frustrations of dealing with a large organization for their corporate needs, but also appreciate that we are well equipped to handle bulk multistate search requests, corporate document retrievals and filing projects. Results are delivered by the method of your choice in a timely fashion formatted in neat and easy to read reports.