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Document Preparation

Save time and resources by having PCS prepare and file your documents.

You may already be familiar with our top notch filing services. Did you know that PCS can also handle preparation of your documents as well?  You provide the pertinent information, we insert into the proper forms or format. Then all you need to do is review, approve and provide the signature or authorization for digital signature.

  • Fast, convenient, competent and professional
  • Avoid hassles of rejections based on incorrect forms
  • Save $$$ !! 

The time it takes for paralegals and attorneys to procure and fill out forms is billed out at significant cost compared to the time it takes to review and approve prepared forms. PCS recommends having a qualified attorney review and approve any legal document, but there is no reason you cannot save money on the clerical work and form retrievals!

* Document preparation not available for some filing types due to legal requirements.

PCS does not provide legal advice.