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Mass Lien & Litigation Search Options



Massachusetts Lien and Litigation Search Options

pertaining to UCC, State & Federal Tax Liens, Judgment Liens,

Bankruptcy and General Litigation


Primary Indices

Secretary of State

State Tax Lien
Miscellaneous File  (Writs of attachment/Judgments)

US District Court       (IRS access computer, index NOT available through PACER)

Federal Tax Liens

County Register of Deeds

Recorded Land and Registered Land Indices  

Fixture Filings
State tax Liens
Federal Tax Liens
Judgment Liens
Various other types of real estate related documents & liens.

Superior Court, County Level

Litigation /Civil Judgment

US District Court

Litigation /Civil Judgment (Federal Level)

US Bankruptcy Court

Bankruptcy Proceedings


Additional searches/courts requested less frequently

District Court   (Lower level than superior court)

* Boston Municipal Court is on this level, though there are additional district courts covering different parts of Boston.

Litigation and/or Civil Judgment

- Generally limited to cases with claims under $ 25,000


Mass Supreme Judicial Court

* Including Mass Court of Appeals



Housing Courts

Certain areas of Mass do not have a housing court. Most housing cases are heard in the District Court covering these regions.

Litigation pertaining to housing matters

Commonwealth of Massachusetts Land Court

Litigation/Land Court proceedings

US Court of Appeals

Federal Level Appeals Court

Probate & Family Court  (County Level)

Litigation/Probate matters

Secretary of State

Child Support Lien index

Town/City Level

UCC:    Pre Revised article 9, stopped as of 06/30/01. All expired as of 6/30/06. Searches no longer available.

State Tax Liens:    Dept of Revenue stopped forwarding to Towns when RA9 passed on 6/30/01. It’s possible to still search the old records in some towns, but most have purged their records.


Please note – The above chart is intended as a quick reference guide to the primary options available for searching for certain types of liens and litigation in Massachusetts. Precision Corporate Services, Inc. does not provide legal advice and accepts no liability for omission.  Certain specialized types of liens and litigation may be filed and/or searched in jurisdictions not mentioned above.  Users of the above chart do so at their own risk.