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Minimum Requirements for Running Searches

What does Precision need in order to begin conducting your search for liens or litigation?

  1. Subject Name/ Debtor Name (s)
  2. What are we looking for?   We will need to know the types of items to search for, such as:
    1. UCC, State & Federal Tax Liens, Judgment Liens, Litigation, Bankruptcy, Civil Judgments.  
    2. See our Search Services page for additional detail and options
  3. Where shall we search?  / Jurisdictions
    1. We'll need to know which jurisdictions you need to have searched for each subject.
      1. A search request may include several subjects each involving different jurisdictions.
    2. What if all you have is a debtor location / address?
      1. PCS can usually help you determine which government agencies cover a specific geographical area and may be able to present options based on a specific address, but we cannot advise on the scope of your search. Ultimately it is the client's responsibility to confirm the jurisdictions for all searches.  See our disclaimer for more detail.  
      2. Keep in mind that a debtor's primary address may not be sufficient criteria on which to base searches. Depending on lien type or search type, there may be several factors that can determine the proper jurisdiction and/or index in which the target items may be recorded. 
      3. In some cases, you may need to decide how broad a net you want to cast based on cost and risk vs reward factors. For instance, litigation can be initiated against a party just about anywhere across the country. A plaintiff is not required to sue a company based on the defendant's home address or jurisdiction. So when determining where to search for litigation, the goal is often to search in the places where a case would "most likely" be filed, as casting a nationwide net would likely be cost prohibitive, involving thousands of jurisdictions.  
  4. Prepayment?
    1. Clients without established accounts can still place orders with PCS, but we will generally require prepayment of search fees.  See our payment options here.
    2. Clients with established accounts in good standing receive an invoice along with search results. Our terms on these invoices are Net 30. We reserve the right to require prepayment or partial payment for large projects involving signficant cost outlay.