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Massachusetts Records Maintenance Address


Massachusetts Domestic entities, including Limited Liability Companies, Limited Partnerships and Corporations* are required to provide an address within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts at which certain records will be maintained and kept available for inspection by authorized parties. For an annual fee, PCS can provide this address for clients who also have us appointed as registered agent in Massachusetts.


PCS provision of this service is subject to the following limitations:

  • Entities that present PCS' address as their records maintenance address MUST notify PCS.
  • PCS will keep a physical folder on hand and store any documents that the client provides.
  • PCS will not automatically review the materials or verify whether the materials represent compliance with statute.
  • PCS will not accept any liability as far as the specific contents or lack thereof in the folder. 
  • It is the client's responsibility to provide the records and any pertinent updates.
  • Clients must understand that failure to provide the required documents to PCS will mean that their corporate entity is not in compliance with MA statutes and that negative legal consequences may result.
  • PCS does not condone use of our address for purposes other than Records Maintenance and Registered Agent.  Clients should not present PCS' address as their Principal Office address or as the address for corporate officers, managers or authorized signatories.
  • In the event that our physical address changes, we will assist in filing the appropriate documents to update the entity's records maintenance address with the Secretary of State and will charge no service fees to do so, but please be aware that any filing made for this purpose will need to be authorized or executed by an officer, general partner or authorized signatory of the entity, and there may be some statutory fees involved which we do not cover.



Links to statutes detailing pertinent records to be kept

Limited Partnership: