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Registered Agent FAQs

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Registered Agent Service and Invoicing FAQs



Why am I receiving this invoice or compliance notice?   
Precision Corporate Services, Inc. or a PCS affiliate currently serves as registered agent for the entity (or entities) indicated on the invoice or correspodence. This service is contracted on an annual basis. If you received an invoice it is time to renew the service for the coming year and we have you recorded in our files as the billing contact for this account.  If you received a compliance reminder, state notice, or service of process, we have you recorded as the contact for receiving these items on behalf of the entity. 
If you are not the appropriate contact or need to request updates to our files, please contact us right away at Also see our Registered Agent Contact Information FAQs regarding why it is exremely important to keep your contact information updated with us.


Do I need a Registered Agent?
Most states require that business entities maintain and report a registered agent in the states in which the entities are qualified to conduct business. Failure to keep an active registered agent on file can result in your entity being deemed non-compliant and can cause the state to revoke the entity's authority to conduct business in the state. For additional information see WHAT IS A REGISTERED AGENT? .


What is the Registered Agent Contact and why is it important?
Please see our Registered Agent Contact Information FAQs page for detailed discussion.


Is this a solicitation?
This is not a solicitation for business. If you receive an invoice or notice from Precision then we (or our affiliates) are already the registered agent of record for your entity within the states indicated on the bill. We may have been appointed by your attorney or by whomever handled your entity formation paperwork, or we may have been appointed at some other point within the entity's history.


If I pay this invoice, will that satisfy all of my statutory requirements for the year?
No. Unless expressly indicated otherwise our invoice covers only the renewal of registered agent services and does not address any statutory filing or tax compliance requirements. You will need to make sure that your entities remain in compliance with various state agencies. Precision can help with that if you would like, but this is a separate service that incurs additional service fees.  See MONITOR & FILE for more detail.


A registered agent can help with filing your annual report if contracted to do so, but registered agent service does not automatically cover annual report filing. At PCS we are happy to help with filing your annual report or most other documents, but such services do incur additional fees. Feel free to contact us for information or cost estimate. Or see MONITOR & FILE for additional information pertaining to ongoing compliance monitoring services. 
Is regular mail forwarding included as part of my Registered Agent services?
No. The registered agent accepts and forwards service of process and other official state correspondence specifically directed to an entity's registered agent, however the registered agent’s address should not be utilized or published as the entity’s principal office or mailing address. The registered agent should not be receiving mail addressed directly to an entity at the registered agent’s address. All mail received by the registered agent on an entity’s behalf should be addressed to the registered agent (or to the entity c/o the registered agent) at the registered office address. 


What will happen if I do not pay this invoice for Registered Agent services?
If we do not receive payment we will need to file a resignation of registered agent.
This could cause your entity’s registration to do business in the particular state to be rescinded.


What are MY responsibilities as a Registered Agent service client?
To effectively serve as registered agent, we need to maintain current contact information for at least one person for each entity for which we serve. It is your resposibility as a registered agent client, to let us know of any updates to that information. See our Registered Agent Contact Information FAQs page for additional info this subject and why it is important.
Please respond to confirm receipt for any SOPs or urgent documents sent your way. PCS will continue to attempt delivery until we know that your docs are safely in your hands.
It is your responsibility to keep your account payments up to date in order to insure that your registered agent service continues with no interuption. I


Is PCS my only option for Registered Agent services?
No. There are other companies that provide this service, and in some cases you may be able to appoint an individual associated with the entity, such as an officer/director/attorney or other related person, as long as that individual is a resident of the state in which the service is required. However there are many compelling reasons to appoint a professional 3rd party provider such as Precision, and our rates are very competitive within the industry. We hope you choose to renew with us!