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Searching is what we do!

We cover your search needs pertaining to UCC, Tax Liens, Judgments, Litigation, Bankruptcy, Patriot Act and just about any items reflected in the public record. Whether conducting a single location search or coordinating a large search project spanning multiple states and jurisdictions, the staff at Precision is well equipped to handle your request.

  • We search databases maintained by State, Federal, County, Local and International agencies.
  • Our searches are conducted individually by real people.
  • Our staff is well trained at the various aspects of running due diligence searches and is equipped with an underlying understanding of the workings of the particular databases and search tools available.
  • We focus on getting accurate results to you when you need them.
  • Our search results are delivered in neatly formatted, easy to follow and nationally recognized PCS reports.
  • As an additional perk, after our search reports are delivered to you, they are also saved and accessible via our Client Portal on our website, enabling you to login to review reports and copies weeks or months later.

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Examples of our report formats:


UCC Searches

Searching for UCC Financing Statements is one of the cornerstones of our offerings!

  • Precision staff members have extensive experience with Uniform Commercial Code searching in jurisdictions across the nation.
  • All in house staff members handling UCC searches have successfully completed the Intermediate UCC Searching and Filing certification course offered by the National Public Records Research Association.
  • We keep apprised of changing search logic standards and variables, always taking these into account when conducting searches.
  • We are able to search State level records and/or County level records for UCCs depending on your particular needs and collateral requirements.
  • Our UCC search reports are utilized by many high profile law firms, corporations and banks.
  • PCS reports are the best means of keeping accurate record of UCCs filed against a debtor.
  • Our report format is the same regardless of jurisdiction, enabling you to spend more time focusing on business matters and less time worrying about jurisdictional reporting variances.



If you require jurisdictional certification, we also routinely handle obtaining Certified UCC search reports from any jurisdiction that offers such. Most state level UCC databases have a certified report option. Most county level databases do not. We will be happy to provide jurisdictionally specific information upon request.





Searching for Tax Liens and Judgment Liens can be a daunting task. These items are not governed by the same strict standards that Revised Article 9 provides pertaining to UCC filings. Depending on the particular state and debtor, you may need to search locally, at the state level, in alternatively located tax lien databases, or a combination of all of the above. Variances in the way debtor names are input and abbreviated can significantly effect whether these items will be discovered in a search. Having Precision Corporate Services, Inc. handle your searches is the best way to maximize your chances of finding the liens you are looking for and avoiding unpleasant post-closing surprises.


  • Our search reports are utilized by many high profile law firms, corporations and banks.
  • Our report format is the same regardless of jurisdiction, enabling you to spend more time focusing on business matters and less time worrying about jurisdictional reporting variances.
  • For jurisdictions in which several indices are being searched, our multiple index PCS Reports provide a single page synopsis so that you can find what you need quickly and easily.




Precision Corporate Services, Inc. handles litigation and bankruptcy searches across the nation quickly and efficiently. Our researchers are real people who search the databases of the specific courts requested and provide our findings to you in our neat and easy to follow PCS Reports. Having Precision Corporate Services, Inc. handle your litigation searches is the best way to ensure that all pertinent cases pertaining to your subject are discovered. We tailor our searches to each particular request.

  • Pending Litigation
  • Closed Cases
  • Civil Judgments
  • Searches by Defendant, Plaintiff or Both
  • Civil or Criminal
  • Bankruptcy Courts
  • County Level, Federal Level, Lower Level, Appeals Courts



USA Patriot Act Searches

Know who you are doing business with and stay in compliance with important Federal Regulations!

The Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) administers and enforces economic sanctions programs primarily against countries and groups of individuals, such as terrorists and narcotics traffickers. Federal Regulations prevent US Citizens and companies from doing business with individuals and companies that are on OFAC watch lists and provide for stiff penalties for non-compliance.

  • Protect yourself and your company by having Precision Corporate Services, Inc. handle searching these watch lists for you, with results presented on our nationally recognized PCS Report forms.
  • We utilize the most up to date version of each published list.
  • Our searches include the following lists, all for one low price:
    • OFAC – SDN (Specially Designated Nationals) List and PLC (Palestinian Legislative Council) List
    • Bureau of Industry and Security – DPL (Denied Persons List) and UL (Unverified List)
    • FATF – NCCT (Non-Cooperative Countries/Territories)
    • HM Treasury Sanctions List
    • European Union Sanctions List


Read more about OFAC, what they do and what you need to do to remain in compliance:



Fixture Filings

Fixture Filings are financing statements covering goods that are or are to become "Fixtures". Fixtures are items that are affixed to real property such that an interest in them arises under real property law. (see 9-102(a) (40) and (41))   Such liens are generally found on record in the office that houses the real estate records for the location in which the real property is located.  Depending on the jurisdiction, such records may be searchable by party name or may require a property search.   Precision Corporate Services, Inc. can locate Fixture Filings upon request.   



Miscellaneous Liens and Searches

Don’t see what you are looking for in our primary list of searches?
Check in with us and receive a quick response regarding whether we can fill your needs.

We routinely handle all types of public record searches and retrievals. We understand that there are myriad types of liens that may be recorded in real estate records and elsewhere and we do not necessarily list all types on our website. If it’s out there, more than likely we will have the appropriate knowledge and will be able to handle your request. Either way you will receive a prompt response so that you can move on with your pursuit.