Disclaimer - Precision Corporate Services, Inc.


Legal Advice Disclaimers:
Precision Corporate Services, Inc. (PCS) does not provide legal advice.

Forms and Filings:
PCS may assist with filling out and/or filing of forms and documents, however the content presented on said forms and the applicability of any particular forms are the sole responsibility of the end user. PCS recommends consulting a qualified attorney for determining proper content to be entered onto any forms to be filed with government agencies.

The required breadth and scope of any and all search requests are the sole responsibility of the client and/or end user. PCS may assist with locating particular jurisdictions and filing locations, however PCS may not provide input as to whether any particular jurisdiction “should/should not” be searched in order to achieve clients goals. Users of PCS services and reports agree to hold PCS harmless and indemnify PCS against any claims arising from inadequate breadth and scope of any search request. Users also understand that PCS searches databases maintained by public officials. Users agree to hold PCS harmless against any claims arising from error or omission within PCS reports, whether fault lies with PCS, with the government agency that maintains particular database or the filer of any particular document. PCS liability extends only to the amount paid for the particular PCS report in question.

Use of Website and Materials:

Users of the content and forms provided by or accessed via this website or by means of direct contact with PCS do so at their own risk. PCS uses reasonable care in presenting materials and information to clients and/or general public via our website or other means.

All information and materials obtained through PCS are obtained as is and without warranty, express or implied.


PCS shall not be liable for any injury, claim or damages of any kind resulting from use of this website or our services in general.

If any provision of this disclaimer is held unenforceable for any reason, the remaining provisions continue in full force and effect.