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Registered Agent Contact Info FAQ


Registered Agent Contact Information FAQs

What does the Registered Agent Contact do?

The Registered Agent Contact is the person or persons within your organization, with whom the registered agent communicates pertaining to matters that handled in the capacity of registered agent.  These matters include forwading of legal notices and very important time sensitive materials, as well as forwarding of routine notices and annual compliance reminders, all the way to registered agent service billing and account administrative matters.  The Registered Agent Contact information is supplied by you, the end client, or by your attorney or someone connected with the set up and maintenance of your corporate entity.

The Registered Agent Contact must be somone who is routinely reachable via the communications info that you provide.

The Registered Agent Contact should be a person in position to make appropriate decisions about what to do with sensitive legal items received from the registered agent. 

Why is it important to supply accurate and up to date agent contact information?

Your registered agent needs to be able to contact you quickly and efficiently when receiving legal documents on your behalf.  Legal documents may include Service of Process or other sensitive documents which require response within a specific timeframe. Failure to respond can result in a default judgment against your entity.  It is very important that your registered agent have up to date contact info at all times.  

Is there a legal requirement to report and maintain contact information with my registered agent?

Not only is it a good idea to keep your contact info up to date to make sure you receive important notices, in some states, it is actually a legal requirement!  Registered agent statutes in certain states require that the agent retain specific pieces of information. A registered agent may refuse to serve as agent, or may file a resignation, if not able to ascertain and properly maintain this information.

Delaware is one such state: Delaware also statutorily requires that the person serving as the registered agent's point contact, have access to certain internal information about the LLC. See Delaware Communications Contact for additional detail.

What information do I need to supply to my registered agent?

 The following information is generally required:

  • Individual person's name
  • phone number
  • mailing address
  • email address  *

* Email is our default and primary means of communicating with you.  The email address supplied must be an address that is monitored routinely.  

We do have alternate secure means of sending documents to any clients who prefer methods other than email. Feel free to ask for more detail!

Can I supply more than one point of contact ?

Yes !   You can supply several contacts and you can indicate which communications should be received by each contact. Our three primary categories for communcations contact preferences are as follows:

  • Service of Process:   Contact for receiving service of process, law suits, and other urgent legal communications.
  • Routine Notices and Correspondence:  Contact for receiving items such as annual report reminders, compliance notices and other official mailings received by the registered agent on behalf of the entity.
  • Billing:   Contact for invoices issued by the registered agent for annual service fees and renewals..
Do I, the Registered Agent Contact, need to respond to communications sent by the registered agent?

YES!    Please understand that we take our responsibility very seriously when it comes to making sure you've received any sensitive legal notices or service of process. We need to confirm that our correspondence and documents have reached you in a timely manner, and will continue to attempt delivery until we receive indication of receipt by you.  

Note - In general we will not ask for confirmation of receipt for routine correspondence or compliance notices. Our emails will clearly request response when "required".  (Though responding is never a bad move either way!)

Does my registered agent share my contact information with the public or any third parties?

We do not share registered agent contact information with any outside parties. 

Often times we receive calls from members of the public asking us for contact information for entities for which we serve as agent. We are not able to divulge that contact information. We may indicate to the inquirer, that we will pass letters or written correspondence on to our contact on file, but will make no guarantees regarding whether the contact/end client will directly respond. We operate as a one way portal in this regard.    

One exception to this rule would be information statutorily required to be divulged to law enforcement bearing the appropriate demand documentation. 

Will PCS send me SPAM?

PCS will not SPAM!  We hate SPAM too.   We will send the following communications only:

1. Items directly related to your entity, or

2. items directly related to your registered agent service account with us, or

3. occasionally PCS may send pricing updates, jurisdictional updates or PCS company updates  

We will not pepper you with product or service releases, and you may very well go up to a year without hearing from us. We believe that too much unsolicited email will result in you, the client, dismissing our emails as non-urgent or SPAM. We don't want that to happen, so rest assured that if you do see an email from us, it should be reviewed. 


When and how often should I update contact info with my registered agent?

Your contact information should be updated whenever a change is made. 

We recommend reviewing your contact information on file with us at least once per year to verify if any updates need to be made.

What is the best way to update my contact information?

You may email updates to us at:  

We will respond to all emailed inquiries, so please make sure to look for our response to insure that your update has reached us.

Please see the following for a handy form that can be filled out  and forwarded to us:  RA Contact Info Worksheet

Filled out forms can also be mailed or faxed to PCS for the purpose of updating registered agent contact information.  Please see our contact us page for applicable mailing or fax info. 

Note - For any updates that change the primary point of contact information, PCS will send a verification email to the prior contact  in our records in order to verify that all requested changes are legitimate and intended by the entity for whom we serve as registered agent. 

How can I learn more about Registered Agent Service?

Please see our Registered Agent Services page with additional information and more FAQs!