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Notice Re: New Hampshire Corporate Databases

Date: December 22, 2016


** update as of late March 2017: Quickstart now reflects filing history and the old database link appears to no longer be active **

The State of New Hampshire has been in the midst of transition of their corporate database and filing system in 2016. As of October 1st, 2016, NH formally moved over to the new NH Quickstart system. The older publicly available corporate database is no longer being updated with new filings and entity formations as of just prior to the transition, on Septmeber 28, 2016.  Quickstart requires the user to set up an account for login and search purposes, and is running with some limited functionality. At present, the quickstart system does not show entity filing histories (with the exception of documents actually filed directly by the logged in user).  

We have word that NH is working on these issues and does plan to better integrate the two systems.  As it stands at this writing (December 2016):

  1. NH Quickstart should be searched if looking to verify existence of an entity.
  2. The old system should be checked for copies of corporate documents filed prior to 09/28/2016.
  3. Post transition corporate filings are not currently available to public online in NH.
  4. A full and accurate filing history is NOT available for NH corporate entities through online means.


We will look to update this post as new info is received.