COVID-19 Update 3/17/20 - Precision Corporate Services, Inc.

COVID-19 Update 3/17/20

Date: March 17, 2020



COVID-19 Update 3/17/2020

The Massachusetts SOS continues to remain open however they are operating with a skeleton crew. Please anticipate delays and increased turnaround times.

MA trial courts, and superior courts will be closed to the public on Monday March 16th, and Tuesday March 17th.  Any Registry of Deeds that is located within a courthouse will also be closed.  The Suffolk Registry will be closed due to being located within a courthouse. Other closures will vary by registry and we recommend contacting us for up to date information.  

DE has implemented restrictions on counter service (by appointment only), however the vast majority of business we conduct with DE is handled electronically and is not impacted by this change.