COVID-19 Update 3/18/20 - Precision Corporate Services, Inc.

COVID-19 Update 3/18/20

Date: March 18, 2020



COVID-19 Update 3/18/2020

All MA courts will be closed to the public until April 6th, 2020. All registeries that are in the same building as a court will also be closed to the public until April 6th.  Most registries will still be accepting filings via e-recording submissions as well as via US Mail and overnight mail. Please if you have any questions regarding a registry, we recommend contacting us for the most up to date information.

The Massachusetts SOS continues to remain open however they are operating with a skeleton crew. Please anticipate delays and increased turnaround times.

An update for our Legalization and Authentication clients:

At present the embassies of Egypt, Niger, and Qatar are closed to the public and are not performing legalizations. Egypt has posted an anticipated re-open date of 3/30. The US Department of State is currently open and processing documents, as are most other agencies.


Thank you!

PCS Staff