Deliveries to PCS/44 School Street Update 3/24/20 - Precision Corporate Services, Inc.

Deliveries to PCS/44 School Street Update 3/24/20

Date: March 24, 2020




Deliveries to PCS/44 School Street


Please note – The building management at 44 School Street has elected to keep the building locked to general public access until further notice due to the COVID-19 concerns.  PCS remains fully open with a few staff in office (and the rest working remotely).  We ask that you observe the following protocols in order to ensure that your packages reach us:

Fedex, UPS or other overnight services:   Please ship to the following address using morning delivery option (Fedex priority or equivalent):

                   Precision Corporate Services, Inc.                

              c/o Speredelozzi

              308 E. Border Rd.

              Medford, MA  02155

If you have a package en route to our 44 School Street address, please send us the tracking number and we’ll do our best to reel it in.


Please alert your courier to call us when they reach the building so that we can send someone to the lobby to meet them.

617-227-2276, option 2

(Or feel free to  have us send our courier to you)

US Mail:

The post office will hold our mail and we will pick it up regularly, so no action needed here. Proceed as normal.


Thanks for your patience and cooperation. May you all stay well!