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December 27, 2010

A major snowstorm has hit the east coast causing closures of many state agencies.  PCS will remain staffed today (Monday 12/27) and will process nationwide orders as usual.

Requests for retrievals from Massachusetts and most other states that lie within the eye of the storm will be held until tuesday.  The Massachusetts Governor's Office has instructed non-emergency state personnel to stay home today. 

Delaware Corporations Division will be closed today as well. DE has provisions in place to allow for receiving a 12/27 filing date for certain documents upon reopening. Please let us know if you have a document requiring a 12/27/2010 file date.

PCS will not be able to receive hand deliveries today or make over the counter filings with the MA Secretary of State's office.  However we will receive emailed requests and will be able to handle electronic submission of filings.

We anticipate business as usual on Tuesday, 12/28.

Feel free to call with any questions or concerns!

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