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Attorney General

Public Charities/Non-Profits

Entity Search

Banks, Division of


Business Certificate/DBA Filings


Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation

Divisions of Professional Licensure

Check Professional License

e-Portal for Professional Licensure and Verification requests (including Certificates by Regulatory Board)


Health Professions (other than Doctors)

Lawyer/Attorney (obtain Good Standing)


Court System

Municipalities/District Court Jurisdictions


Forced DBA Procedure/ Name Not Available in Massachusetts



General Laws online

MA UCC/Article 9 Statute

Insurance, Division of


Lien and Litigation Search Options Chart


Register of Deeds, Mass Counties

City/Town to Registry Guide


Revenue, Department of

Tax Good Standings and Certificates
Information Page and Request Form
Precision Corporate Services, Inc. is not able to obtain Massachusetts Tax Good Standings on behalf of our clients.
  • The online request format requires taxpayer login credentials and calls for submission of detailed information by a person with knowledge of the companies finances. Online requests generally take a few days for Dept of Revenue to process.
  • The paper request form does include a section allowing for Power of Attorney, but our experience is that even when the Power of Attorney option is utilized, the Dept of Revenue tends to return everything directly to Taxpayer.  Paper requests can take several weeks to process. The Dept of Revenue considers the paper form to be a backup option for use when the online option cannot be utilized for any reason.


Secretary of State


Commissions Section

Certifications & Apostilles

Notary Information

Standards of Notary Conduct, Executive Order 445

Notarization Language, Standard Formats

Corporations Division

Certificate Options Chart

LLC Regulations, 950 CMR 112

LP Regulations, 950 CMR 108

Records Maintenance Address information 

FAQs    (and additional MA corporate resources)

Certificates of Change: do I need them?

LLC, LP, LLP Annual Reports: do I need them?

ID# field in MA records: Is that the entity's actual FID#?

Does Manager/GP need to qualify in MA?

Tax Certificates Needed for Reinstatement?

Transfer of Authority, filing requirements

Securities Division