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Staying in compliance with annual report filings and payments can be a daunting task. Some states issue reminder notices and others do not. It is generally considered to be the entity’s responsibility to file reports and pay the requisite fees regardless of whether reminder notices are received. Addresses may change, mailings get lost, designated recipients move on and notices go unheeded, resulting in missed deadlines and monetary penalties.

Precision offers a Monitor & File option designed to make sure that your entities remain in compliance with statutory annual report filing requirements. With Monitor & File, we contact you when your annual is coming due, verify the pertinent info and prepare* and file your annual report for you.  This service pairs well with our Registered Agent Services, but can also be implemented on its own.

  • Let PCS stay on top of annual report filing due dates for you
  • Avoid surprises at closings
  • Have your filings handled by knowledgeable professionals *
  • Low cost solution that will save you money by avoiding late fees and reclaiming valuable tracking, preparation and filing time 
  • No up front cost.  If you opt to forgo filing for any reason, PCS will not charge you a Monitor/File service fee. Charges are only incurred at the point of confirmation of your intent to proceed with filing. **
  • PCS will reach out to you approximately 30-60 days prior to report due dates to verify info and obtain your approval to proceed.
  • PCS may require prepayment of fees before submitting documents and incurring statutory fees.

We also offer an Auto-Pilot option, whereby the client pre-emptively authorizes us to automatically proceed with filings as they come due. 

  • Auto-Pilot clients appreciate that their entities stay up to date with reporting requirements while limiting administrative headaches.
  • Client provides PCS the requesite info up front. 
    • Example: officers/directors, addresses, stock info, business purpose (info needed will vary p/state)
    • Client acknowledges that it is their responsibility to proactively let us know when info changes.
    • Certain pieces of info may still need to be verified as filings come due in some jurisdictions. PCS will reach out if so.
  • PCS files annuals as they come due, automatically keeping your entities in good standing with the respective corporations divisions. 
  • PCS forwards evidence to client along with our invoice as filings complete.
  • PCS reserves the right to ask for prepayment for instances where annual report statutory fees are excessive.
  • Client account must remain up to date with payments in order to maintain Auto-Pilot service.


* Available for most states. Certain states require reporting of sensitive tax and financial data for some entitiy types. For such states we may not be able to “prepare” the annual, but can still alert you to coming due dates and in certain cases may still have option to file your prepared document. We will let you know well in advance if your portfolio includes any such instances.

PCS will not complete any filing without prior approval from client. (Approval for Auto-Pilot service is considered prior approval) 

** If client opts to forego having PCS handle the applicable report for a given year, we will assume that Monitor & File service should be cancelled for future years unless instructed otherwise. 

PCS needs to be notified whenever new jurisdictions or entities are added to your Monitor/File portfolio. We file only in states that we are made aware of and are formally added to the account.

This service does not apply to tax return filings with IRS, Department of Revenue or equivalent state taxing authorities. 

PCS does not provide legal advice.